Software Development

With the advent of the technology era, small and large enterprises are on a constant quest for introducing innovative ways to simplify how things work in their organizations by implementing adequate software or applications. Whether it is to customize or modify an existing application, or it is to build a new application for your company, Nascent provides you with the most apt software development service to best suit your organization’s requirements.

Nascent boasts of highly skilled software development professionals who deliver fully customized and business centric software that are both high performance and tight in security. Our software developers provide you with highly innovative and value driven software development services. Over the years, we have gained for ourselves the expertise that enables us to deliver cutting edge software solutions that suit your business requirements giving you a competitive edge. Our dedicated software developers work in collaboration with you to understand your requirements and then draw up a project plan to work with you to achieve your business objectives.

All you need to do is share your requirements with our experts and we shall conjure up a solution that will be both "best fit" for your current needs and highly scalable for future requirements of your business. Being a leading software development company, we make sure that we provide you with end to end solutions – your search stops here!

Development Phases

  • Market Evaluation
  • Gathering required information
  • Plan designing for achieving the target solution
  • Development of Implementation plan
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Testing
  • Execution of the software at desired platform
  • Maintenance and error handling

Our Process

Plan: Nascent provides the expertise and experience in domain, industry vertical, business process automation, process and change management and customized software development and architecture design to recommend technology solution that will meet the client's business objectives and criteria for success.

Build: Nascent provides custom software development, design, independent testing and implementation, integration services to deliver rapidly developed, scalable and flexible architecture that is aligned with the client's business objectives. People, process and technology issues are fully addressed to ensure a successful implementation of the custom software solution.

Manage: Nascent develops all bespoke custom software applications with post implementation issues in mind that includes but not limited to ensuring new architecture is based on strict quality standards to enable cost-effective operations and support as well as easy adaptations in the future. Nascent can provide the post-implementation management of custom applications to ensure today's solution evolves with our clients emerging business needs.

Tools and Technology Used

  • Application Development
    • Asp.Net, C#, VB
  • Development Environment
    • Microsoft .NET Frameworks, Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Development Tools
    • Visual Studio .NET, Visual Source Safe, C#, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Microsoft Silverlight and more
  • Database
    • MS SQL Server 2008
  • Reporting Tools
    • Crystal Reports
  • Other Tools
    • Dot Net Component
  • Maintenance and error handling